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  • Custom Software Solutions

    Archive Pro

    Digital Document Tracking and Archiving Program

    It provides many features such as digital archiving and reply generation, which allows the management and barcoding of incoming and outgoing documents in your company. It is a program that can usually keep the Information Document for official institutions and corporate firms going for years. With the advanced search module, you can easily access documents from years ago. Thus, saving the space for saving the physical file is being saved.

    • Incoming - Outgoing Document Tracking
    • Quick search and easy access to the documents you want
    • Barcode system with QR code

    Work Manager (Task Tracking Software)

    You can analyze the performance of your staff and your company's performance, and you can perform detailed service breakdown and billing for your customers.

    Work Manager (Human-time software) with the minutes of your staff what the business you work, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, you can analyze how much work. With the detailed analysis module, you can see how much service you want in the date ranges.

    You can set your hourly working fee for our staff and you can invoice your customers for your work.