Web Software

Web Software

The Internet universe is a giant ecosystem growing day by day, where the technological developments in line with needs successively continue. In certain areas of this ecosystem, there is the need that user-friendly and up-to-date solutions toward various requirements are produced and most importantly, error-free systems to be created. In that point, web-based software and the code architecture that forms the basis of the web software respond to these needs.

With its experienced software engineer team, Grifa Agency,  while eliminating code/software errors, aims to maximize reliability, creativity, and functionality by converting ideas into codes. 

Here are our customized web software solutions that are developed as a result of many ideas and analyzes for the needs of our customers:

Portal Development 

Portal developments are web software solutions that Grifa offers for large content websites. This software brings together many features like content management, personalization, integration, categorization, search. This software, which is mostly preferred by organizations, foundations, associations, and chambers, brings together many features like content management, personalization, integration, categorization, search. 

Intranet software 

Intranet software includes in-house web software. It works with a closed network system on the servers of the company and covers in-house applications such as communication, document management, reporting, information and file sharing, contact cards, customer relationship management, project management and so on. In-house applications are determined according to the needs of the company and different features can be added if necessary.

Special Software

It covers all software and applications developed for the specific needs of companies. Grifa Agency develops integrated and dynamic software to cover companies itself and all employees of them. 

Mobile Application Development

Ever since smartphones become an indispensable part of daily life, the mobile application world is becoming more and more important and expanding day by day. Grifa, developing Android and iOS-based mobile applications for your brand, enables you to be compatible with digital world and to keep up to date.

With Android and iOS-based mobile applications built by Grifa to cover your all employees and customers, become compliant with the technology and keep up with the speed of the digital/mobile world.

B2B (Business to Business) 

This is the general name of web software applications that include field sales teams, dealers and customers of companies. Supported by tablets and smartphones, you can follow every stage of the organization with its details.These applications connect software such as order tracking, stock status, reports, order creation, customer support, customer database etc.

B2C (Business to Customer)     

It is the general name of the e-commerce sites that companies prepare for sales to end consumers. Each steps of selling process from supply to delivery can be easily controlled with this software. It is a common e-commerce system developed for fields such as online sales, customer service support and secure payment systems. Grifa works for meeting your requirements with its innovative and meticulous software models for a reliable e-commerce system with a robust infrastructure.