Custom Desktop Software

Custom Desktop Software

For the business world, it has been a long time since computers have gained a leading role and become indispensable. Today, thanks to computers, we can handle many works almost everywhere. While planning our daily lives and doing our works, also we get help from many desktop software and meet different software for various needs.

Grifa develops desktop software towards various needs for companies and institutions from different sectors with its long years of experience and competent software engineer team. While developing these, we learn your requirements at first, provide accurate solutions and then provide practical and effective solutions.

While presenting our ideas for your needs, we take care to act together with you in the decision-making process. Following a joint decision on the optimal idea, the project is elaborated and analyzed by our experienced software engineer team. After the analysis, the start of the project, evaluation stages, and success tests are completed with great attention and precision and, the project is made ready for delivery. With the final product which is a software that is completely specific to you/your company, it is aimed to meet all your requirements.

Desktop software, which is too important to be entrusted to non-professional hands, is a matter that needs to be meticulously handled in terms of security vulnerabilities. Developing desktop software capable of responding to the needs of companies of different sizes, Grifa, gives priority to the reliability and suitability of software and gives extra importance to design aesthetics at the same time. Our agency which has accomplished many successful desktop software projects so far would glad to analyze your needs together with you, for desktop software specific to you. 

 As the Grifa team, we have developed many successful desktop software to date.

  • Archive Pro (Digital Document Tracking and Archiving Program)
  • Work Manager (Task Tracking Software)
  • Rent-a-Car Pro (Car Rental Software)
  • Private Company Software