Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity is a concept that appears in all areas where a company is visible. This concept encompasses many elements from an organization's logo to its building or office setup. However, in the digital environment, the concept of corporate identity mostly manifests itself as logo design, an original web design, and various elements that will leave a reliable effect on the opposite side.


Corporate identity design is one of the most concrete stages of a company towards institutionalization. The first and most important step of this stage is a logo that reflects the company's vision, mission, basic values and reasons for existence. 


This service which includes the adaptation of your logo, holding the most important place in the corporate identity design of your company, to all your documents (business card, employee signature, letterhead, envelope, label, presentation template, cd, and etc.)  should be provided by experts in this field. It should be unique to you and make your company different from your competitors. Your logo design should be representative of your organization and should have a good impact, and above all must be creative. It should be simple and visually represent your company/brand Maximum attention should be paid to color harmony in the design. The combination of all these factors can only be realized by experts.


Grifa carries out its corporate identity studies with an integrated approach. With its experience in digital media, the graphic designer team that will bring the most appropriate corporate identity in your company aims to make the final product unique by including you in the design process. Grifa, which informs its customers regarding the developments during the whole process from the design stage that begins with the first draft to the test prints, ultimately prevents you from encountering a bad surprise.


Grifa will be pleased to be your solution partner in first and the most important stage of the institutionalization of your company!